Zammad Notifications RSS Feed


we would like to get the Zammad Notifications on our iPhones.
The Mail Notifications are not usable for us.

Is it possible to get them with an rss feed function? Or anything like this that could pass notifications to smartwatches etc.?

Safari does not allow Notifications and other Browsers won’t work with our client certificates.

For example you can use pushnotify (seems outdated, but is working) and a small webserver that is handling the webhook from zammad.

Danger Zone

I’m not sure, if pushnotify is DSGVO-conform.

Create a webhook that is calling a php script, put your own payload in there or use the given one, and in your php script call the pushnotify api with a simple get request.

I have this as payload:


And the webhook calls a php script on my web server. The script simple contains the following:

        $txt=urlencode("A new Ticket \"".$data->ticket->title."\" was created in group \"".$data->ticket->group_name."\" with ID ".$data->ticket->number);
        $response = file_get_contents("".$txt);

This sample script has nether user authentication for data, which is coming from the webhook, nor any data validation so be careful when using it!

By now custom webhook payloads theoretically may cross out the custom PHP script as well.