Zammad mobile optimization


I would like to ask for a Zammad mobile optimization.
I do not mean apps by that, although that would also be awesome. If the UI would be reponsive it would already be great, as many People now are using their mobile devices for their internet searches.

I know that I am not the first one requesting that, as I saw some requests for that on Github, but they are all a bit older.


Seconding that.
I’m quite often in need to answer tickets on the road or need to look something up briefly before returning a call. I won’t have access with a larger device at all times.

I also agree with push notification. We won’t need an app if you can make the webpage a webapp with push.

Mobile optimization with responsive design is a must have in the meantime.
It would be a big timesaver in many usecases.

Any updates on that topic?

Zammad 4.0 is responsive. More or less.

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