Zammad login page language selection

How Zammad choose, what exact language to use on login page?
I got very mixed results just visiting first page without even logging in.
One time it is in English, another time in Russian.
I did not change system settings, admin interface in English.
Is it some “little geo-location magic”? My server in Latvia, I need English on front page at all time.
P.S. In our browsers we have languages in following order (English, Russian, Latvian).
Windows are with English GUI. Zammad system default locale - English.


Zammad -when not logged in- detects your browsers locale.
After logging in, the profile settings might overwrite this (if it’s different).

There’s no way to pin Zammad to a specific language, as far as I’m aware.

Please also note, that this functionality has known issues:

And an enhancement request:

So, in short:
Remove (if you can) from browser’s language list all languages, use only your primary language.
Until bug with russian language dominance are fixed.
P.S. This is just epic.

P.P.S. If I set browser languages in following order: English, Latvian, Russian in Edge Chromium, Firefox, then logon page are in English. In Russian are second in line - logon page in Russian.
If test a little more, then it is clear, what Zammad will use second language. In my case Latvian logon page not translated yet, but if I press create user, then I see Latvian lagnguage (when Latvian are first or second in line). So, it is not just Russian per se.
P.P.S. May be this is not a bug, but a feature? Power to non-English people!

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