Zammad instance migration


We have deployed zammad on k8s (v1.15) and i’m planning to perform a migration to a new insatance .
Kindly to check and validate the steps that i’ll follow

–Backup on the current Instance—

Copy the file from the pod zammad-dev-0 to the hosts
kubectl exec -n zammad zammad-0 – tar cf - /var/tmp/zammad_backup | tar xf - -C /tmp/zammad

–Restore on the new instance—

mv /opt/zammad/contrib/backup/config.dist /opt/zammad/contrib/backup/config
mkdir /var/tmp/zammad_backup

copy the restore file from the host to the pod zammad-0
tar cf - /tmp/zammad-dev/var/tmp/zammad_backup | kubectl exec -i -n zammad zammad-0 – tar xf - -C /tmp

mv /tmp/zammad-dev/var/tmp/zammad_backup/* /var/tmp/zammad_backup/


That should work, yes.
However, please note that does restore the completely zammad directory by design.
This is because provides a full dump for both, database and filesystem.

If that’s not a wanted behavior, you may have to adjust the backup scripts.
If all your data lifes in your database (your attachments too) a dump of your database would technically be enough too.

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