Zammad Installation Guide

Please Do not judge before reading.

When i started to read the docs of installation guides of Zammad, i saw it was difficult but i tried by reading many documents, then i had many issues, so tried it again and wrote a guide for those who want to clean installation.

please check:

Thanks for sharing, but wouldn’t it be a better approach to enhance the documentation itself? :x
I mean to be honest I don’t understand the issues at the moment, because your guide kinda is identical with our docs.

Yes, actually it is exactly the same, but less confusing, when i tried to install by reading your document i was confused about further steps, zammad depend on elasticsearch but there is less information about how to install it, your docs says refer to elasticsearch to do so, but when i go to website to check installation of elasticsearch, the documents are for those who wants to install elasticsearch not for those who wants to install zammad, my guide takes less time and it is for those who has less information about linux and elasticsearch, they will just follow those steps and zammad is ready for them.
i am trying to help others who are confused, even i have computer knowledge i had to reinstall ubuntu again becasue wrong installation zammad and elasticsearch ruined it.

your docs are for pros.

I see, thank you very much for your further input!
The link to elastic is intended for further information on how to install. It doesn’t contain any information about Zammad, because elasticsearch is a third party dependency (optional) which we only cover very slightly (as much as needed to make it work).

I hope that we’ll be able to make that a bit clearer in the future. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, i have a doubt about elasticsearch is optional, because i uninstalled elasticsearch it also uninstalled zammad, after that i installed zammad without elasticsearch, reports did not show, it showed me a message which says elasticsearch is needed. i am still confused about that :/.

anyway i did install by my guide :slight_smile: and everything seems to working now. :slight_smile:

Oh I see!
Yes, elasticsearch enhances Zammad functions greatly and is mandatory for some function (e.g. for extended searches and reporting). Beside that, it will give a performance boost on overall searches. Not all Zammad parts have an SQL fall back that would be able to “replace” elasticsearch.

@MrGeneration it seems a great software, i used ancestors and still using one of them, but i like zammad more than others, i hope i can benefit it and help others too. :slight_smile: thanks for great job.

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