Zammad Feedback wont Submit


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome (always latest)

Expected behavior:

  • Feedback Form should submit

Actual behavior:

  • Feedback Form wont submit

I added the Zammad Feedback Form to my Intranet Site, but when i click on Submit i get a erromessage saying: “The Form could not be submited” and after that error, the Form tells me that the “E-Mail” Field seems to be wrong (red lined), but the Adress in the field is absolutly correct.

I found out now, that the e-Mail Field seems to have a Problem with my emaildomain, it does not accept e.g. but it works fine with my private e-Mailadresse.

Can someone please help me?

Can Anyone help here?