Zammad email account setup error

Hi There i am having difficulties setting up email address on Zammad. i am getting the attached error. user name and password is correct. user has MFA enabled user, not sure oif that is causing any issue not to authenticte to zammad. The Linux VM is running in Huawei cloud. Can soneone help me in right direction please? opened security group ports on the cloud. I have tried Imap and POP none working for me.Thank you in advance.

  • Used Zammad version: Latest Version
  • Used Zammad installation type: (docker-compose, …)
  • Operating system: Linux Ubunut
  • Browser + version: 20.04

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

not tested, but from what i’ve read elsewhere,
dont use the mail channel, but the Office365 channel,
for the user with MFA enabled, create a so called App password to connect to that specific account.

No zammad expert, just trying to help.

Thank for your response!! Yes Office 365 App autentication working fine. Now i am trying to setup auto reply. let say for example if someone log a ticket and Zammad helpdesk should send auto reply saying that your request has been logged? i dont see that option that is the reason i am trying to setup email channel. i could be wrong.

Try Triggers.
I recon we’ve used the default once included.

Action - is - created
state - is not - closed
type - is - email
sender - is - customer

Email - Customer
Title: thnx
Body: blabla

(took from an zammad2.5 install, where no o365 is present yet)

Yes i got the deafult settings are on and active but i tested sending a Test ticket and when i open or close that ticket i get no reply. attached Not sure what i am doing wrong?

This trigger only sends a notification to the ticket-issuer (customer, not agents) at the moment of creation,
this one does not include any editing actions.

when you say cutomer for example if i send a request from my Gmail i should get a automated response right? but i am not gettting any, am i being dumb :slight_smile:

not sure how it works with o365 connection,
but does that one also include a sender option? Or is it just fetching?
In channel ‘email’ we’ve setup an secondary smtp connector, for sending the mail.

No zammad expert, just trying to help.

Okay Thanks… i try to setup email channel and it is failing to authenticate to O365 IMAP and POP. but i have managed to configure O365 apps authenticator successfully.

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