Zammad deletes mails

We are currently planning to switch our product management to Zammad, so the manufacturer’s inquiries should also run via it.

Unfortunately we have the problem that if we activate the email address of our product management in Zammad, the mails from the mailbox will not only be transferred, but completely removed from the mailbox, deleted.

What could be the cause and how can we fix it?

Hi Alex,

Please set the option “KEEP MESSAGES ON SERVER” to Yes on the email configuration. That should solve your issue.



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DId you have a look into our documentation before hand?
If so, did you turn wrong or was the documentation not clear enough about this danger?

I’m asking to improve this in the future, not the be mean. =x

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I think I took a wrong turn somewhere, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it that fast. And therefore a post here was the easier solution :smiley:

We will test this later, but I think the problem is solved.
Many thanks, also to jalmillategui.

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