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I rented a VPS and followed the installation documentation to install on CentOS via RPM, so I assumed I had to configure a database and even installed the recommended PostgreSQL for this, but everything seems to be pre-configured already.

I have probably followed the wrong documentation, but I am curious how Zammad works now without configuring a database, and if this method is safe and stable to use as it is really a requirement as it will handle important data.

I hope someone can shed some light on this, thank you.

Zammad by default uses a socket connection to your postgresql server.
The authentication is handled on user basis which should be perfectly fine.

Technically this doesn’t have to involve any passwords for that reason.

I think the perfect lecture for that is postgresql documentation:

We basically allow user “zammad” to access the database “zammad”. The Zammad services are running as this exact user.

Of course, above only applies in a default installation. No more magic is done.
If you care what exactly has been run, you can view it here:

Functions is called by
on every installation and upgrade.

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Thank you kindly for your reply, MrGeneration, this answers my question.

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