Zammad Dashing (Dashboard)

Hello, is there any way to query Counter in Zammad?

I want to create a dashboard similar to Icinga2 ( The dashboard is based on

The dashboard should run on an Ubuntu or Deabian system.
Conceivable curl - queries if that is possible with Zammad.

Interesting would be the following values:

-Number of all open unassigned tickets

  • number of all escalated tickets
    -Number of VIP tickets
    and other individual such as Number of all open Icinga tickets …

The API should be perfect for you needs, you can find further information here:

You could also use elasticsearch for that needs.

How can i count Tickets?

I user Grafana and to count closed here is the example code

Select concat(firstname, ’ ',lastname) as metric, count(t.state_id) as value, now() as time
from tickets as t
join users on
where t.state_id = 4 and age(now(),t.close_at) < ‘12 hours’
and != 1
group by metric

hope that helps a bit

Im new to Grafana and not that good at SQL, but tried your query it seem to be quite empty…?

Query looks OK, so have I missed something? :slight_smile:


did you connect to the zammad database using the postgress database connector snap in ?,

that would be the only reason i can think off unless you have different state IDs should just work,

i also use a pie graphs

Really nice graphs, I want that to :slight_smile:

Yes, im using Postgress also. Think my problem is probably not the query, more likely how I should configure Granfana. I will do some deeper investigation.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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