Zammad Chat in Angular bugs


  • Used Zammad version:
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)
  • Operating system: Windows10
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • Zammad App should open on Button Click

Actual behavior:

  • Zammad Chat opens sometimes, but mostly not

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • I am using Angular 14
  • Here my Code and how I implemented the Widget:


  • jQuery imported in Line 11
  • Connection to Chat in Line 25 (Link changed for privacy reasons
  • ZammadChat started from Line 27

Button to Open chat:

Why does this not work? Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Is jquery already being loaded?

Hi! It looks like the error was 100% on my side. Thought it was a racing condition at first, so I put the code for the “open-zammad” button into index.html as well. Then realised, I am switching to a different index.html file when building the project. Think it was a mixture of both. THANKS ANYWAYS!!! :slight_smile:

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