Zammad API creating sms ticket with Twilio


Currently having an issue with raising an issue on Zammad that allows user to respond via sms to the created ticket, the current flow is.

Api call to create ticket -> Ticket created on Zammad -> Sms reply on ticket sends to customer -> Customer can’t respond to that ticket

Tickets can raise and have 2 way communication on the ticket when customer messages in via sms using the existing webhook. When a ticket is raised via the api it only allows messages out on that ticket but messages sent in don’t get added to the same ticket. The issue is when the messaged customer tries to message back, it either creates a new ticket using an existing webhook or adds the comment to a previously raised ticket by sms.

We are using Twilio and two messaging services, one for Zammad and one for the Web app. Is there a field that the api call to zammad needs to tie the ticket to a message/service?

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Do you have more than one open SMS Ticket for that specific customer?
Sounds like Zammad is unable to provide follow ups on that Ticket.

Managed to sort it out. I was missing the id for the user that already existed and it didn’t like having multiple users with same number. Ended up doing a lookup for if that user existed with that number if it did use that id else create new user.

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