Wrong recipient when answering via mail in Zammad


  • Used Zammad version: 3.0.x

  • Operating system: Linux openSuSE 15.0

  • Browser + version: Microsoft Edge (Canary), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE

Expected behavior:

When answering a ticket via mail the recipient should be the one, who created the ticket (customer).

Actual behavior:

When answering a ticket (or a response of a ticket), the recipient is always the one who is in the ‘to‘ field of the mail of the created ticket.

e.g.: Forwarding an email as a customer (customer@company.com) to the ticket e-mail address creates a ticket. The recipient is ticket@company.com. Now, when answering that ticket via mail in Zammad the recipient of that email should be customer@company.com but instead Zammad uses the ticket email ticket@company.com.

This issue only occurs (how it seems) on a specific ticket creator mail, which has the same permissions as all the other accounts (agent) and is also setup the same as the others.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Forwarding an email to the ticket mail and replying on that ticket directly in Zammad.

EDIT: It occurs also on other accounts and it only appears when FORWARDING a mail to the ticketsystem to create a ticket.


the reason why this does not work is the way a “forward” does work.
If you want to move mails into Zammad you have two options:

  • bouncing the mail (that’s like forwarding, but better with keeping the original header intact, Zammad will work that way)
  • use a subfolder on a mail account Zammad fetches where you move the mail to

Hello guys,

same problem here on moving an email from it-mailbox to zammad-mailbox (collected via POP).
Zammad enters the recipient as the customer… But it should be the sender, shouldn’t it?
By the way: We are testing Zammad 3.1.0 on CentOS 7.6 at the moment.

On our actual KIX-system its working correctly with moving this mails.

Beside recycling old topics might be a bad idea:
Ensure that Zammad knows the E-Mail-Adresse the mail was originally sent to. Otherwise it will literally break upon replying.

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