Wrong group on follow-up (false-positive follow-up)


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Debian 9
  • Browser + version: any

Expected behavior:

  • Tickets stay in the group where they are send to. (E-Mail Channel)

Actual behavior:

  • Tickets switch their group if there seems to be a follow-up.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Send Mail from one Zammad group to the address of another group

Suggestion: Only process follow-up recogntion within the same group.

Tickets do not “magically” switch groups upon follow ups, unless you told a filter or trigger to do so.
Please provide the tickets history as I’m sure the normal fetch process doesn’t do this. :wink:

  • 5 hours 17 minutes ago
  • created Ticket
  • created Article
  • updated Ticket first_response_at ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’
  • updated Ticket last_contact_agent_at ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’
  • updated Ticket last_contact_at ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’
  • updated Ticket last_owner_update_at ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’
  • email sent to '“< mail of other group >” ’

Stadtjugendring Oldenburg e. V. Kontakt - 5 hours 16 minutes ago

  • updated Ticket state from ‘closed’ to ‘open’
  • updated Ticket last_owner_update_at from ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’ to ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’
  • created Article
  • updated Ticket last_contact_agent_at from ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’ to ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’
  • updated Ticket last_contact_at from ‘2019-11-18 12:36:16 UTC’ to ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’
  • updated Ticket last_owner_update_at from ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’ to ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’
  • notification sent to ‘< my email address >(update:online,email)’

Simon Kurka - 5 hours 16 minutes ago

  • updated Ticket state from ‘open’ to ‘closed’
  • updated Ticket last_owner_update_at ‘2019-11-18 12:36:35 UTC’

Sorry but it doesn’t look like the group has been changed.
History will tell you if the gorup has been changed (and who did it):

Well ok, the group didn’t change, but the the wrong group was assigned.

Email A goes to Group A, Email B to Group B
When mailing from Group A to Email B, the newly created ticket in Group A is updated. I would expect a new ticket in Group B, because the mail was send to Email B and Email B has nothing to do with Group A.

That’s the reason why Zammad updates the ticket on Group A.
If you reply or forward a mail to a Zammad owned alias, it will recognize it’s ticket number as a follow up and thus update the original ticket.

What you’re looking for is ticket splitting and then moving it to another group.
Personally I don’t think it makes any sense to send a mail from group A that then leaves Zammad via MTA, makes some journey over your MTAs, gets into an inbox and gets fetched by Zammad to group B (where it recognizes the follow up and thus updates the original ticket).

See: Splitting Tickets — Zammad User Documentation documentation

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