Workflow Based Tickets / Request Forms

Hello Zammad,

One thing we think could add value is something i’d like to call Workflow Based Tickets, essentially this is a ticket say “request a new mouse”, “request access to service A”, “Request License for X” of which standardizes processes.

This kind of ticket would allow a user to request via a form a type “Item, License, Resource”, from there a sub category Like Keyboard, Mouse, License, Service or other.

Last but not least the ticket would have a few steps the operator could choose for example “Ordered, Delivered, Quality Testing”, These steps would be chosen per process but would allow you to keep a track of where the requisition is.

These "request form/workflow based tickets’ would allow you to standardize common support requests like access to a facility, implement approval processes and would make you a perfect fit for enterprises with self service IT.


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