Workflow all via E-Mail


  • Used Zammad version: 2.6
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker
  • Browser + version: Chrom

Expected behavior:

  • When an agent responds via e-mail to a “new ticket”, the customer will get a copy of that response

Actual behavior:

  • The customer is not notified via email responses.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a ticket. Have an agent respond to the ticket.

I recognize that doing it this way is not the default way, but it looks like it’s pretty doable. If I set up a trigger for “Notify customer on ticket update”, then they will get whatever I put in that trigger. Is there a good way to do that though? I tried locating the right code (but from some reason there isn’t a list of all the usable variables that I could locate), and I found a post where someone mentioned using #{article.body_as_html}

That works, but it sends the entire email response (including reply text, initial agent text, etc). I really just want it to send the new info. The response. Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, is there a way for me to edit the Agent Notification E-Mail? I could possibly just strip that template to just the essentials and it might server.

Sorry for asking back on that topic:

Do you want to reply directly to the notification zammad sends to the agent and expect this reply to reach the customer?

When editing templates for e.g. triggers, you can integrate placeholders just like you would to in a normal ticket:
You type “::” and a selection will appear. Continiung typing will bring you nearer to what you search for.

As for giving the whole ticket content to the customer: This is currently not possible, you can also see:

Thanks for responding.

Do you want to reply directly to the notification zammad sends to the agent and expect this reply to reach the customer?

Yes, that is what I want to do. In this way, an agent could handle a ticket entirely via a phone email client for example. They wouldn’t be able to close the ticket this way, but they could potentially provide advice that would resolve it for the customer.

I found reached this discussion from and assume that @cdog means the same.

For me and my colleagues it is also very confusing that the default text box creates a note and is not send to the client. We’re not using Zammad everyday, but even after a year it happens that clients don’t get their response because I’ve created a note and not a reply.

I mean something similar yes. I also agree the “note” thing on the web ui is confusing, it took me a couple hours to figure out why when I was typing a thing on the UI the user wasn’t receiving it.

I don’t really want the user to get notes of course. But I want to engage in a conversation with the user entirely via email. That doesn’t seem possible now. (aside from the workaround with sending the whole email body, which isn’t great)

I would love to be able to handle agent-to-customer communication thru e-mail only, even if it won’t let me close tickets, etc. I could offer assistance in a hurry.

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