Work around outlooks broken email addresses

Apparently when someone on outlook 2016 emails an address that isn’t in their address book, outlook quotes the email address and name in single quotes, so we often receive emails with CC’d addresses that look like

“‘’” “<‘’>”

(if it’s not clear, the first character is a double quote and the second is a single quote)

when we reply all, zammad tries to email ‘’ and we get a bounce.

I’m pretty sure a single quote is a valid character for an email address, ie I think o’ could be a valid email address, so I believe what microsoft are doing is wrong, ie ' !=

But, we don’t get to decide what software our customers run, or what’s in their addressbook. thunderbird must have a work around in place because when we reply all in thunderbird, it emails OK.

Any chance of zammad putting a work around in place?

Yes. Please create an issue and provide an example mail which we can use for our test suite. You can refer to this topic. Thanks!

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