Wishlist for Composer Settings (esp. "Email - subject field")

The Composer Settings (esp. the “Email - subject field”) are extremely handy when it comes to send ‘side mails’ from a ticket with a different subject. However they have - IMHO - some UI and usage issues:

  • The gear icon unfortunately it’s not visible once one has scrolled down a few pixels, which is true almost all the time. Maybe the function would be better placed in the always available “Ticket” menu (where one can also find the history, the merge and the change user functionality) or in the menu stays always visible and which also contains the color marker?

  • The setting is globally valid for all tickets. But in 100% of our cases we use it on a case-by-case basis for individual mails out of a ticket, hence I suggest to

    • allow an on-the-fly reply-with-custom-subject, so that one can avoid switching the setting back and forth just to write a single email with a custom subject
    • alternatively (less good solution): make the setting valid only for the respective ticket
    • additionally allow a global configuration which sets the default for all tickets (the mentioned “gear visibility issue” still applies :slight_smile:
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