Where is elasticsearch used for in zammad?

I am a Newby with elasticsearch, but I am looking for a simple ticket system. So I was wondering why elasticsearch is used for in zammad. Do you need to search the data? (I know for you so think it is a stupid question)

Hey @Daansk44,

yeah they use it for the search function.

4. Elasticsearch

For excellent search performance we use Elasticsearch. The following Elasticsearch versions are supported:

  • Elasticsearch 2.4 up to 5.5 with mapper-attachments plugin
  • Elasticsearch 5.6 with ingest-attachment plugin


Full-text search

Looking for the needle in a haystack? No problem with Zammad. Our full-text search doesn’t only browse tickets but also their attachments. And this with full power: The search within 40 GB of data for example takes only up to three seconds.



Thank you for the response

It is also used for the reporting feature.

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