Where can I edit the automatic response email on ticket creation?

  • Zammad version: 2.1.0-1510157740.86d5b882.stretch
  • Used Zammad installation type: Package
  • Operating system: Debian 9

Does Version 2.1.0 already allow editing the email (template) that people receive when creating a ticket by sending an email to support@myzammadinstance.af? If so, where/how? Thanks in advance!

Hello Martin1,

These email is send from a trigger.

Trigger for auto replay

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Can we please talk about your 2 year old installation.
You’re prune to a ton of security issues and may want to upgrade asap.

Then it is broken somehow. The email text in the triggers configuration is not the same, that people actually receive. Maybe there is an internal fallback.

At least now I have another good reason to upgrade!

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