When replying to the customer via Zammad UI, the Priority trigger is activated


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3.x
  • Installation method (source, package, …): package
  • Operating system: Ubunto 18.04.4
  • Database + version: psql 10.12
  • Elasticsearch version: 5.6.3

I have set up a Trigger that gets activated when the priority is set on Low or Medium: it will notify the owner that one of the two priorities has been changed.

The trigger works fine, except that when one of the agents responds to the customer via the Zammad UI, the trigger is activated even if the priority has not been changed:

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a wrong configuration, but it doesn’t happen for other Triggers that are configured the same way.


That’s actually not a bug but a feature. :smiley:
Basically what you’re telling your trigger is to do something if:

  • the ticket is being updated
  • the priority is either Niedrig or Mittel

If your ticket priority is one of the above values and the ticket is being updated, the condition is always met. Updating tickets applies to everything you end with hitting “Update”. This means: It applies if you only change the priority or if you just answer on that ticket or create an internal note.

What you might be looking for is the condition “has changed” for priority. This should only trigger once (when changing)

Hi MrGeneration,

Thank you for your answer!

And thanks for your insight as well, but by “bug” I meant a dysfunction in the feature.

Even if I remove the Action Is Updated condition, I still receive the internal Priority Change note when I respond to a customer.

I know that with the has changed condition, it works “normally”, but the idea was to separate the priorities triggers as follow:

  • If there is a change of priority that concerns Niedrig or Mittel, then the Trigger sends an email to the ticket owner to notify him
  • If the priority of the ticket is Hoch, then the trigger sends an email to all agents to inform them.

I can set up two triggers, one with the Priority Has Changed condition and the other with Priority is Hoch, but this will create a redundancy issue, because the Owner will then receive two different emails for the same change.

It’d be great if we could select the items we need under has changed conditions. :upside_down_face:

Why are you replicating Zammad core functions in the first place?
Ticket notifications are basic functionality of Zammad, while not in the extend you need, it only would require you to send a mail to all agents for high priority.

I’m afraid that what you’re trying to do is currently not possible.

Well yes, that’s a feature backlog and quire a biggy because of complexity.

Actually, there can be several agents working on the same ticket, and the idea was to keep the Owner informed of each change, and to know who changed what.

Yes, unfortunately the notifications are not enough to further improve our technical support and responsiveness, sometimes they go unnoticed.

Now that I know that’s impossible to do, the best alternative is to send only one email to notify all agents that the priority is on Hoch.

I can imagine…

Thank you for the quality of your answers! :smiley:

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