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I have a whatsapp plugin running and fully operational, i’m looking for people to use that and help-me to improve it with feedbacks.


A good option to start is to share a guide on how you did the integration with WhatsApp.
So you will receive more comments and feedback.

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Low time to do that, feel free to send me updates on github.
I really need to update that documentation.

Where do I find it your plugin?

DOCKER HUB: Docker Hub GITHUB: GitHub - sufficit/sufficit-quepasa-fork GitHub - sufficit/sufficit-quepasa-zammad-addon

Docker Hub


  • GitHub

Contribute to sufficit/sufficit-quepasa-fork development by creating an account on GitHub.


  • GitHub

Contribute to sufficit/sufficit-quepasa-zammad-addon development by creating an account on GitHub.

any doubts call me on whatsapp +5521967609095

Hi, can I also use it when I have a hosting account on zammad and no access to the server ? My company what appreciate this feature as we are waiting for zammad to integrate it.

No. Non audited addons cannot be used within our SaaS environment to ensure the integrity of our services. Also, above solution does require additional services to run which we couldn’t provide in a SaaS environment.

You could contact sales for a managed hosting solution, however, it’s probably too costy depending of your instance size.

Ok thank you. We will workaround that I tell my Customer Support to create a Ticket if the case is getting to much on Whatsapp

I will try to develop it on same language of zammad to help then to support without the need of external apps.

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We also will provide hosting of zammad in a few months, maybe on november.

Keep the trademark policy in mind if you’re planning that :slight_smile: Trademark Policy

Trademark Policy, easy, thanks for the notice.
We plan to do this by being as transparent as possible and highlighting the original zammad branding, without even changing an icon. We are very grateful to how zammad has changed our customer service and we want the same for our business partners, so we don’t plan to make a profit on this endeavor, only to retain our current customers.

It would even be very interesting to direct everyone who needs support for your service.


Hi , just wanted to ask if you could get the Plugin audited by Zammad so that people on hosted by zammad can use it.

Sure, it will be great !

Good day,

we are also interested in a WhatsApp business integration

Our plugin of quepasa, is fully operational for simple messages.

Hello hugodeco,

thank you for your message.

Will this app be included in the core as a standard?

There’s a feature request but missing ressources.

We’ll not implement third party addons for various reasons.

Take a look at our Fork/Branch

Its embbed.

You’re missing quite some bug fixes. :man_shrugging: