What does adding email addresses to an email channel do?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: atp
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: n/a

Expected behavior:

  • Additional email accounts added to the Email Address field should fetch emails

Actual behavior:

  • Adding additional email have no perceivable effect?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Add an additional email address under the Email Address section of an (email) channel.

I added an Email Address under an email account in Email channels, but I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do. I thought it might fetch emails from the additional email address, but it doesn’t seem to do that.

Can anyone educate my ignorance?

I also don’t know what it’s actually supposed to do. I did however find that you can select from those emailaddresses when you edit a ‘Group’. I was hoping that, for issues in a certain group, the system would then use that email in the ‘FROM’, but it doesn’t.

Okay, let me clear this up for you guys.

The Email Addresses you can define for every account does not affect the fetch process, that’s correct.
This is, because you only have one inbox Zammad already is fetching. This means, you have to tell your mail server that it shall move messages to your new alias to that mailbox as well.

So why the heck can I add several mail addresses then?! you might wonder!
Reason for this actually has two reasons:

  • Zammad needs to know it’s own address in order to not reply to it’s own addresses (wouldn’t make any sense)
  • As your group decides what email address you can use, you might want to use other mail addresses than your main address of the account - adding it there will allow you to select it in a group and thus use it for outgoing email communication

You see, it’s more for the outgoing stuff instead of the incoming. Zammad does technically not care what the “TO” says in a email it gets fed. So your issue proberbly is more like a mail routing issue on your mailserver ( I think ).

Does that mean is supposed to allow you to use extra email addresses as a “from:” address? I checked that and couldn’t figure out how to change the from address of an email, either.

Yes, it allows you to send as another mail address, but no, we do not allow the agent to choose from which address he sends to.

As I said, you’re able to use that mail adress in the group
Groups are responsible for deciding what from address to use.

You might want to have a look at this page:

Hello @MrGeneration,

Thanks for your reply! I indeed assumed this was how it’s supposed to work but here’s the thing:

But when I reply to a ticket, the mail sent by zammad still has mycompanyuser@mycompany.com as the sender.

Hello, update: maybe this just doesn’t work with gmail SMTP server: I have the email address for the notification master set as no-reply@ and this also gets replaced by the email adress by which you log in to the gmail SMTP server.

Update: Indeed… https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1332510/how-to-change-from-address-when-using-gmail-smtp-server

@skjbulcher maybe this is also what is happening with you

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No, I just never saw the option in the group setup, so I didn’t understand the point of adding email addresses at all.

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