Webhook Microsoft Teams


I updated to Zammad 3.6 today and tried to setup a webhook with Microsoft Teams.
I guess the webhook is not working with Microsoft Teams?
Getting following error after the last timeout try:
Error performing TriggerWebhookJob (Job ID: _removed_job_id)
from DelayedJob(default) in 401.75ms: TriggerWebhookJob::RequestError (TriggerWebhookJob::RequestError):

Mictosoft Teams are currently not supported.

The webhook added in version 3.6 is raw information, and you should handle the information that zammad sends.

After you get a zammad webhook you can do with the data whatever you want, and also throw them on to Microsoft teams.

Thanks for your reply. That’s what i thought but i guess it somehow errors.
Is it because i am not using a “HMAC-SHA1 SIGNATURE TOKEN” or not even ticking SSL?
I tried it with ssl on/off and still not working :slight_smile:

Maybe someone got it working with a ms-teams channel, would be nice to know the way you did it - if it’s working.

How is Microsoft supposed to understand the Payload you’re dropping them?
Of course trigger based webhooks are Zammads RAW-Data which means you’ll need something to make Microsoft understand it.

So now, what you want to do is not possible.

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