WebCAL / iCal Access

Hi there, Zammad Community. Today I was asked how to enable Calendar through https://domain.tld/ical/tickets

On my Mac I’ve never had problems but in other Calendars (like Nextcloud Calendar or Outlook using CalDavSyncronization) I am running into problems with Basic Auth. In ultimate desperation I’ve also tried to put username and password into URL (https://user:pass@domain.tld/ical/tickers) but this did not work either.

I am missing something?

My Zammad installation is on current patchlevel running on Ubuntu with Elasticsearch. As said before I do not see the error on Zammads’ side and it works as intended on my Mac (iCal) though I am stuck and have no clue why this does not work in Nextcloud Calendar or Outlook. The Documentation does not help.

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