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I’m wondering if I can change available ticket states during ticket creation by web page - right now customers can select new and closed, I would like disable possibility to change state or leave only “new” here.

Any ideas?


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Looking for this solution too but couldn’t find anything. Think of me if you find anything.


You can set not to allow closed tickets to be opened (at least in our develop branch of our source code, or you have to wait for 2.3.1), you can do it here:

As administrator:
Groups -> { The group you want to disallow, eg. ‘Users’ } -> Follow up possible

Set Follow Up Possible to ‘do not Reopen ticket but create new ticket’

If you have done that, all ‘closed’ tickets cannot be reopened again.

I have tested it on stable 2.3.0 and it’s not working. Still, I’m not sure if you understood my main post correctly. I’m not talking about follow ups, but about object State during ticket creation on the website by the customer. Since it’s default (blocked) object, we can’t change it so it’s not required and shown during ticket creation.

Totally agreeing with you on this @sheLbyPL.
I just can’t seem to think of a scenario where the customer wants to create a closed ticket.

As an agent for documentation purposes - okay.
For customers it seems to be an useless choice.

The status field should be completely removed from the customer ticket creation form (at least this should be configurable).


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I think the best solution would be totally disabling state for ONLY customers ticket creation.

I see this part under customer_ticket_create.coffee

# set state
if !params.state_id
  state = App.TicketState.findByAttribute( 'default_create', true )
  params.state_id = state.id

and commented out. But didn’t work.

@svnr-dvnkln I totally agree with you.

Any news?
Would be nice to know how to disable it.

Maybe @Zammad_core_team give us a hint on this?

@Achu I am sorry because it is currently not possible for now.

@muhammadn Thank you for letting us know that. Shall we expect a possibility for version 2.4?

@Achu There are no plans to implement this for 2.4 as far as i know. Sorry about that. :cold_sweat:

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