Web-notification for customer-role


I can´t see notification-settings in profile, when logged in as customer. In customer-role the notification-settings is even active.

Expected behavior:

Notification (Benachrichtigungen) settings should appear in profile-settings

Actual behavior:

no notification-Settings



Steps to reproduce the behavior:


thanks for posting the problem here. As I can see the same problem I am sure that this is a bug.
I opened a issue on the issue tracker and referenced this problem.

We’ll see if this is really a bug or a feature :slight_smile: If you want, I can keep you updated here.

fine, would be nice to receive updates here.
Or can you post a link to the bug-tracker?


the issue is still open, I think the devs have other trouble to sort out right now :confused:
Link is in my post above.

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After discussions with the team, we decided that customers should not be able to view or change their own notification settings. The reason is that there is only a very limited number of options that they can choose from, and that there aren’t many useful use cases where a customer would want to change any of these settings.

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