Viewing attached images in the browser


often customers send screen shots as an attachment. The agent needs to take a look at the agent.
With zammad 2.4.0 and a chrome browser on linux: if the agent clicks on the attached image in zammad the image needs to be downloaded.
This is tedious.

  1. the agent clicks on the image
  2. the agent needs to select a folder
  3. save the image
  4. then can look at the image - maybe in the browsers download history.

It would be great, if the image was displayed directly within the browser.

  1. The agent clicks on the image and can see the image.

Thanks a lot


Would love this too.

Site note for devs that might want to work on this (as optional option I’d say)

If you remove “?disposition=attachment” from the URI so it gets to something like this:
https://ticket.domain.tld/api/v1/ticket_attachment/509/1045/1372 - you’ll actually see it in the Browser without Download.

Yeah that would be a great feature.

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