Validate the email adress of a new created user

  • Used Zammad version: 2.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker images

Expected behavior:

  • When an user create their own account via web interface, the email address should be validated.

Actual behavior:

  • When an user create their own account via web interface, he can directly login to the organisation.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • When domain based assignment and shared organisation is enabled for an organisation and users can create their own account via web interface, the user can create an account with a random email and the email is not validated. Now the user can see all tickets of the organisation.

E.g. The org has the domain, I can create any user like Now this user is able to see all other tickets of the org

If you use the REST call GET /api/v1/users/{id} you will receive a response with “verified” which has “false” per default. Maybe something is planned in the future?


This could be a security problem. If you don’t know about the fact a user can potentially get access to tickets which should not be shown to the user

I’m not sure I understand how requiring a new user to validate their email address changes what tickets a new user can see?

I also think, this isn’t that big of an issue. I this behavior is not wanted, just turn of the “shared organization” option.

But I guess what @scheeles tries to say is, if a company automatically add users with an E-Mail-address ending at, than someone can go ahead an register with and can see all the tickets without verification if the user has access to the E-Mail-Address.

A verification E-Mail would make sure that the user at least has access to an E-Mail-Adress ending at

But still you are not sure, if the colleague/employee should see all tickets. This probably depends on the type of clients you’re serving.

oh, of course. thanks for clearing that up @ecomsilio. Makes perfect sense now.

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That makes sense. This should get a feature request. I personally like the idea that a user creating himself an account has to verify the E-Email-Address before being able to post anything (or even view).

This might be DSGVO relevant too.

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