Using Subscritions for Triggers

In Zammad 3.4, I would like to be able to use the subscrition feature to work in triggers.

For example: Customer A sends a mail, then use group “user”, owner “Peter”, Subscribe “Stefan”.

Mentions / Subscriptions are available with Zammad 4.0.
Also, forcing subscriptions to specific users can be trouble some as agents are forced into that state which may be annoying and lead to undesired behavior of your agents.

We would Like this to have for watching Tickets of New employees and Trainees.

We have some Cases where it could be useful.

Could I Trigger a New article that contains @@user ?

Some additions to this feature which we would benefit from:

  • Ticket owners might metion whole groups
  • Ticket owners might remove subscribed agents anytime
  • Use triggers to assign mentions

If we had those 3 additions a manual replication of the OTRS feature owner & responsible were possible. At least one could “tag” tickets whic

BR wucherpfennig

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