User not shown in the backend


I’ve created an Organisation (Company) and a new user which I assign to the new organisation.
But, in the backend I only see the new organisation but not the new user i’ve created?!

The new user is active and I can login with…but it is not shown…

An other user I’ve created 2 months before is shown in the backend.

I guess the user wasn’t indexed by Elasticsearch yet. You can force the searchindex rebuild with
zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild

@ Zammad devs
It would be nice to know when the indexing happens though. Like is it triggered dynamically or does it happen on a regular basis (cronjob style)?

For myself, I experienced some delay now and then aswell.

Indexing does run regulary with the scheduler running (every minute I think?)
When you create or update a user, it creates a indexjob for that. The scheduler works that job when it’s time.

Indexing issues may be a signal of significant high delayed-job count. (or elasticsearch isn’t even running).

So reindexing would be the best idea I guess. I’ve seen very rare moments where a ticket doesn’t get indexed but I couldn’t hunt it down yet.

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Thx for all the answers. I think I found my problem, for some tests I use the Internet Explorer and delete my cache several times per day.

I got this problem only with the Internet Explorer…with Google Chrome it works perfect. I’ve tryed to assign my new user to a new organisation, still not working with Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer - Version: 11.666.16299.0

So for now, I know that I have to continuous my tests with Chrome.

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