User location in ticket overview (or even better, any user or organization attribute)


  • Used Zammad version: 2.2.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: official deb
  • Operating system: all
  • Browser + version: all

Expected behavior:

User attributes (f. e. location) can be displayed in the ticket overview. - User beeing the customer

Actual behavior:

Only ticket attributes can be selected.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Define the shown attributes in any ticket overview.

Further explanation:

We’re already importing the location for every user automatically in a defined user attribute inside the active directory. We need these locations to be displayed in the ticket overview.

Ofc we could define all the locations ourselves as an ticket attribute and select the location each time we’re creating or modifying a ticket BUT it would be a lot easier if it could be done via any kind of “sync”.

We’ve created a custom user attribute which is filled via ldap so zammad already knows of the user’s location. An option to automatically set the ticket location to the user location OR enabling user attributes to be shown in the ticket overview would do the job.

Short Update: We’re currently doing a “sync” via triggers but that’s pretty painful to configure with a high amount of locations and it feels like a lot of triggers kinda decrease the overall performance of zammad.


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