User List and quick search for users empty / not working


Expected behavior:

  • In ticket creation and answering the email-fields should quick search for users.
  • When creating users manually the organisation field should quick search for fitting organisations
  • User list should show all users

Actual behavior:

After machine reboot, everything works just fine. But between one and three days later, following happens:

  • no quick-search in email fields
  • no quick-search in user creation form
  • no users in user list

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • on my system i just have to wait between one and three days after system was rebootet.

Check if ElasticSearch is up and running.

i also have same issue, elasticsearch is enabled and active.

please stop recycling old topic.
You already have your own thread and receive help there.

This is binding our free time which we could use for other things. :frowning:

@MrGeneration i dont have my own topic regarding user issue, i checked if there is a topic related my issue and replied it, would it better if i open new topic regarding same issue, because in other forms they do not allow it. this is an old habit.
if so i can open tens of topics regarding my problem without reading others. :confused:

No worries.
This will just cause endless threads (in worst case which are already solved and where the post it solved may not help (which is why I don’t think it’s the same issue then :wink: )).
It just helps us to keep overview of things (and stops us from scrolling endlessly :smiley: )

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