Use the built in backup container to backup external database?

We have been trying Zammad Docker Compose for a few days now and are finally ready to push it to pre-production!

We are using an external PostgreSQL database server and it works great! Question is, would it be possible to use the backup container to backup the external database? I mean, all the variables are there already.

I tried setting the same ENV to the zammad-backup container as zammad-init it boots alright, but it errors out with an error about that it can’t connect to the atlaszammad (databse name) database.

You can find our config here (without the backup part, but it’s the same ENV as zammad-init:

Any help would be appreciated!

The error looks like this:

waiting for railsserver to be ready...

20210414230339 - backuping zammad...

tar: removing leading '/' from member names


pg_dump: [archiver (db)] connection to database "companynamezammad" failed: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

Our native backup script currently does not support that.
However, the following PR will change this in the future™:

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