Use IP address to separate users

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check if there is a way to separate users based on their IP addresses? For example if I have a user that will connect to the Zammad via Public IP address, he will have agent rights. But, if I have a users connecting from the private IP address (meaning that he is an employee), he will have admin rights?

Or, if you can tell me if there is any log file where I can see the IP address of the logged in user?

Do you have suggestions about my idea?

Thank you in advance!

Zammads users and their permissions are account and session based.
Technically you can have dozens of users coming from the same IP address logging into their individual accounts with individual permissions.

That’s basically how every web application works, other wise you would be logged in to other accounts of e.g. facebook on public internet cafés.

The admin menu entry “Sessions” will show all currently active or registered sessions of Zammad.
You may want to have a general look onto the admin documentation which may answer a lot of your questions:

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Thank you very much for the provided answer, I will check Sessions and hopefully figure out how to do this one. Thank you again!

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