Usage of Variables in Trigger conditions

Title: The usage of variables in trigger conditions

  1. What is your original issue/pain point you want to solve?
    → Currently, variables can be used to provide certain information (as trigger action) about ticket- or other similar attributes. However, if the same variables are used in objects for trigger conditions, the variable conditions are ignored so that such constructed triggers are not delivering the expected results.

  2. Which are one or two concrete situations where this problem hurts the most?
    → A new contact writes to Zammad, and the company wants to differentiate contacts based on whether they have had previous contact, and if so, whether an action has taken place based on that conversation. The current behaviour is, Zammad will list every new contact as a “customer” and assign them the same role, whether it’s their first or 100th email. Those who are new should actually receive a message giving them specific instructions on who to contact and so on. The long-time customers should be recognized and greeted with an appropriate message. Those who are “new” cannot be separated from the long-time customers unless you are working with certain custom objects or additional roles, which then becomes even more complex and requires even more configuration.

  3. Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard?
    → Currently, no variables can be used as conditions in Zammad triggers, which is strange, since it only works in one half (actions) of triggers and second one (conditions) seems to ignore it. I would expect either to work completely in both parts or to not be available at all.

  4. What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve?
    → Having variables and their output usable as trigger conditions.