Upgrade to 5.1 and now doesn't show tickets


I’ve upgraded my zammad instance to 5.1 (from previous release) and now I can’t see any ticket, when I click in anyone it only shows a blank page. The Knowledge base runs fine, settings page, etc, but no tickets.

I’ve take a look to zammad.log and apache log but can’t see any errors there, any idea?

Seems something about the new translation system.

If I setup my user in English (EEUU) all works fine, but if I setup as Spanish the tickets doesn’t work.

Good time of the day, I risk running into a violent reaction, it’s the same with the russian language. On the problem: updated not according to the instructions, perhaps from 5.0 to 5.1, on debian 10, from packages.
Until I did this, it was impossible to get into tickets even in English.
sudo zammad run rails zammad:package:migrate
sudo zammad run rails assets:precompile
sudo systemctl restart zammad
When selecting a section, there was just a white screen instead of a list.
There is nothing suspicious in the /var/log/zammad/production.log
Elasticsearch lives in a separate cluster and, judging by the zabbix, does not complain about life. Everything has been updated there and the plugin has been reinstalled.
Belatedly, but I did:
sudo zammad run rails r "Cache.clear"
sudo zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild
There were no errors

If you’re using plugins for your Zammad instance, the package migration and precompiling has to happen upon every update. Sounds like an edge case or possibly is solved by now.

Hard to tell with missing issue template.

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