Upgrade to 2.4 breaks everything

i had to use apt-get upgrade…

poor thing is, now it doesn’t work anymore. website is not responding. one thing i investigated: elasticsearch 6.2.x is installed via upgrade… but it is not supported.

Please review the docs and check if there is information missing.

I am stuck right now. elasticsearch isn’t easy downgradeable.

After rolling back to elasticsearch 5.6.9 and reinstalling the plugin and everything i ran into the next problem: nginx configuration. somehow the upgrade process created a zammad.conf.save file in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ and this prevented nginx from starting up… the documentation is a mess. it tells you to upgrade the whole system and then everything is fucked up.

current status: zammad 2.4 is working and is connected to elasticsearch 5.6.9

.save is created by apt-get when there’s a change in for example a configuration file that you have modified. It creates a backup from your configuration so that if something went wrong or is broken, you can go back easilly.

I took a look into the documentation - what is a mess there for you?

shell> apt-get update
shell> apt-get upgrade

apt-get update for refreshing your repository list and finally apt-get upgrade to do the main updating part.

Any way, glad to hear it works.

Well, the nginx config file wasn’t modified by us. It was the default one.

upgrade loads all updates for the whole system. This can’t be intented, cause it loads elasticsearch 6.2.x and this isn’t compatible. It may cause several more issues due to unknown side effets of newer kernels and so on.

I guess it would be better to use:

shell>apt-get install --only-upgrade zammad

This updates only zammad and all of it’s dependencies.

In my opinion this is a decision every administrator has to decide to himself. On suse for example, there are no trustworthy repositories for elasticsearch (so I have to get the rpm anyway) - but also, you can tell your distro to keep/ignore updates for specific packages. I am doing the same with PHP on one of my systems, as the upgrade to a higher version would break dependencies.

Another thing as argument: You should regulary install updates on a live system (especially when you can access it from the internet) - so you’d have to do a apt-get upgrade anyway - this would sooner or later update your elasticsearch (which would break dependencies). If you don’t do automatic update-installation (-y) then apt-get ask if the intended changes are okay too.

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