Upgrade elasticsearch to 6.x?

Hi there,

is it possible to upgrade elasticsearch to the most recent stable version 6.2.x ?
I want to use ELK-Stack on the same machine, and this would be much easier using 6.2 than 5.6.

In official zammad doc, you write:

Since I’m already using ingest-attachment plugin (with 5.6 at the moment) and I suppose ES 6.2 should be backwards compatible to 5.6, I hope it might be possible to update ES ??

Verschneite Grüße,

Hey Christoph,

it is possible, but throws tons of errors in both logfiles and web gui.
You should really stick to 5.6 - I downgraded too.

All there is to hope that the support for elasticsearch will be raised soon to the most current version.

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