Unicode support in form

Used Zammad version: 2.6.x
Used Zammad installation source: package
Operating system: CentOS
Browser + version: All

Expected behavior:

in Form to your web page which directly generates a ticket, Must support Unicode languages too.

Actual behavior:

As i attached in screenshot, Titles of generated tickets not show correctly in agent area correctly.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I edited form.js and changed encoding of this file to UTF-8 and every thing working fine but Titles of generated tickets not show correctly in agent area correctly.



could you please provide a sample string that I can copy paste for testing? That’d really help me out verifying this “feature”.

I attached the exact file that i am using

.Download please

Did checked my attached file? Any update?

Sorry for the delay, I just couldn’t keep up with stuff!

I tested this, I also inserted your translation into my form.js in order to use this.
The result is:

Not sure if this is the correct title, as I chose “name” as messageTitle to change the subject in Zammad.
What I encountered/noticed is that my Chrome displays wrong encoding during source code view, but displays everything correct (from my understanding) in the frontend.

You may encounter encoding issues here, is your webpage rendered in UTF-8? That might be the difference between us two.

I had issues with accented characters in portuguese and as soon as I defined html page as utf-8, problems went away!

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