Unable to set users from ou AD as ticket owner


Used Zammad version: 2.5.x
Installation method (source, package, ..): Source
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial
Database + version: MariaDB 10.0.34
Elasticsearch version: 5.6.10
Browser + version: Firefox 60

Expected behavior:

Everyone should be able to select an owner during the creation or the transfer of a ticket.

Actual behavior:

Only local users created by Zammad (with Agent & Admin permissions) are selectable. All other users synced from our Active Directory with Agent and/or Admin permissions aren't available.

Please give us further information on how your organisation unit of your AD are being used.
Are they simple groups with just the users inside or are the users in a subgroup of the group you use as OU for Zammad?

Here’s a screenshot of our environment.

Most of our user are in the “Assurés” OU. All of them are users on Zammad and have the default “Agent” role. Some of them are also members of the “Admin” roles.

As i said before, only the user created in Zammad are available in the “Owner” section.

Could you provide your role mappings for your ldap configuration?
This sounds like your ldapsynch runs, but you don’t actually map a role to the agent you synch.

Please note that you need to map a role to ad users during synch, as every ldap synch (hourly) will overwrite manual role settings.

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