Unable to calculate close state's first response(SLA)

Used Zammad version: 3.3
Used Zammad installation source: source
Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04.4
Browser + version: Chrome Version 81.0.4044.122

I am new in Zammad and sorry for any incomplete information and I’ll try to provide complete data as many as possible.

Expected behavior:

Setup Conditions:

  1. SLA condition state has been set to capture NEW, OPEN, and CLOSED for First Response within 1 hour
  2. Enabled calculations for Note’s SLA at back-end(RAIL)

When new ticket arrives, an agent will straight away select the closed state then reply and update. (Already set trigger to auto assign ticket to current agent at OWNER)

Generated report should show calculated SLA in column X and Y (First Response in Min and First Response Diff in Min) as highlighted in the pic below, is the expected value but that’s actually the initial response without close state being selected from the start.

Actual behavior:

Generated report shows blank calculation SLA in column X and Y (First Response in Min and First Response Diff in Min) as highlighted in the cell for closed state

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Receive new ticket
  2. Select state = Close
  3. type any words in reply or notes
  4. Update
  5. Download record from Report

The closed state by default is ignoring SLA escalations.
That’s normally something you want, because we see closed tickets as “solved” tickets.

Solved tickets wouldn’t need escalations.
Besides you’ll nuke your system as soon as you have a lot of closed tickets because the SLA calculation gets more expensive with every closed ticket that would come on top.

My advice: Don’t use the closed state for SLA, just don’t.

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HI MrGeneration,

Thank you for the quick response and answer.

I do understand the process for closed state, ignoring the SLA escalation but due to some use case as we need to do that and it’s also solved for our part. Is there any way remove the ignored SLA or set to false for closed state through back-end methods, if insisted?

In addition, I am curious about the nuke part, does it means that if there’s a lot of tickets then the system will have performance issues or crash issue? If yes, whats the best practice?

Yes I’m absolutely sure on what I’m doing and am aware that changing sla ignoring to false on specific states will cause issues with my Zammad instance I will not get any help on.

Ignore SLA escalations (Dangerzone)

You can run the following within a rails console:
Ticket::State.find_by(name: '{state-name}').update(ignore_escalation: 'false')

The more tickets that will have the closed state, the worse your SLA calculation gets.
This will cause in too late escalations, escalating tickets because of lacking re-calculation of SLA states, very poor performance and possibly also affect all background jobs and thus also overview refreshing.

This is potentially something you don’t want to do.
While your tests with let’s say 200 closed tickets may work fine for now, if you have 100 times more tickets, you will feel the effect.

Edit: I strongly encourage you against using the closed state with not ignoring the sla calculation. For whatever you want to do, you may want to use a different state that is not the last state of your tickets.

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Hi MrGeneration,

Noted and thank you for the answer.

We will evaluated whether worth it, in exchange of performance and SLA calculation issue

Thank you again.

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