UCS - Trigger not working


i got a problem with the trigger in zammad und UCS.
UCS 4.4-2 errata301
Zammad 3.0.0-9

I want to configure a trigger, which sends a mail to the customer on ticket change.
The mail-config is working so far for example when a new ticket is created, a mail is send to the agents.

I tried several serverrestarts, new tickets, trigger configs and starting the trigger-scheduler, like described here.

Nothing is working.
Anyone with the same problem, or maybe a solution?

This triggerconfig should work as far as i can assess (it’s set to active, not shown in screenshot):

Thanks for help!

Please ensure that you have configured a email address to the group you’re testing in. :slight_smile:
Your trigger itself is totally fine.

That’s it :slight_smile: Thanks!

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