Two users with same name, only one user can be found


  • Used Zammad version: Current 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: All browsers

We have 2 customer objects in the system. Those objects belong to the same person, just with different emails. Also, one customer object is part of an organization.

Customer 1: Max Muster,
Customer 2: Max Muster,, part of Organization “Muster GmbH”

Using the search in the Users Management, I can’t find Customer 2. Looking for “Max” or “Muster” will always only show Customer 1 as a result.

Using the general search in the upper left corner of Zammad, will show Customer 1 and right below the Organization “Muster GmbH”. Through the organization, I can access “Customer 2” and see their tickets. But I still cannot find Customer 2 directly using the search, neither in Users Management, nor when looking for a contact during ticket creation.

Customer 2, just as customer 1, has all mandatory fields filled out and has (only) the permissions called “Customer”. Both of them are set to active.

Any idea why I have these issues? I’m the sysadmin, btw.

If you can’t find the second user directly but via UI parts like e.g. the organization the user is member of, your search index is probably incomplete.

That can have various reasons, your production.log will most likely hold the answer to that question.
I’d suggest reindexing.

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