Triggers - Title contains more then one word


i googled it but didn’t found any informations about it. How is the synthax if i set a trigger and the Title should be searched after different words? Can i take “,” or “;” to seperate the Words?

Thank you for Answers.

Hey @Premyslaw,

sorry for my question but are you really talking about triggers? If so - i kinda don’t get the question.

I assume you’re rather talking about text modules, are you? If so - you can set any title you like and add multiple keywords (separated by a space character [space bar]).



yes iam talking about Triggers. I want to assign tickets to a special group if the Title contains defined words. Here is a example:

Aaaaah sorry, my bad. I think you simply can’t set multiple conditions there. There already are some feature requests considering this circumstance.

Your only choice probably will be to define multiple triggers.


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Ok thank you for the fast Information!

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