Triggers not working/sending emails - Want to send emails when a ticket is updated


  • Used Zammad version: version 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: Package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome most recent, Apache 2.4.41 webserver installed

Trying to make a trigger that sends an email to the user (we renamed customers to users on our Zammad as it will be for internal support only) when their ticket is updated, either by being responded to by an agent/admin or by the state being changed. It seems like no matter what trigger I configure, it wont send the email.

The automated email reply on a new ticket (the default trigger that is enabled/comes pre-configured with zammad) works every single time and I see the email outgoing text even under the ticket, but my triggers wont work.

Attaching pictures of my trigger config as well.

The email for the submission works, the email notifications by zammad works, but my custom trigger emails wont work. I have an email assigned to both the specific group and the user group. Green lights on all 3 of my email accounts set up.

Am i doing the trigger wrong? What needs to be set in the trigger for it to activate and send an email when any open/new ticket is responded to by anyone?

Expected behavior:

Trigger sends an email to the user’s account once their ticket is responded to

Actual behavior:

No email is sent/the trigger doesnt run.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • see screenshots of trigger/responses

Ok I think you have a misunderstanding. In a ticket you have two ways of responding to the customer. If you click on reply you will write an e-mail to the customer that will also be visible in the ticket, so no need to create a trigger for this. If you just type into the note field you will create a note, either public or hidden, which can only be seen in the webinterface of Zammad. If you want to create a trigger that informs the user of new notes then you have to setup your trigger to react on notes, not type e-mail like you have in the above screenshot.
This is an example that works:

Thanks for helping me understand this, I’ve since got it working. Is there a resource which explains these conditions and what falls under them (i.e what an “action” refers to, “last contact” etc? there is quite a few of them and some may seem self-explanatory, but it would be good to have a reference guide to explain what each of these mean.

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