Trigger won't email from inbound email


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker
  • Operating system: ubuntu docker container
  • Browser + version: chrome 88.0.4324.182

Expected behavior:

When someone emails our helpdesk Inbound gmail account, a trigger will happen that emails them with the auto reply (on new tickets).

Actual behavior:

Triggers only when on in applaciton “update” action or “create” action within the applcation.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

For example.
If I create a ticket from within Zammad, a ticket alert is generated for the customer.
If I close a ticket from within Zammad, a ticket alert is generated and emailed to the customer.
If I have a trigger update a ticket with a status, and another trigger to email when something is updated, it only updates when you click update on the ticket. It doesn’t update when the trigger runs (even though history shows ticket_update…).
When the ticket is created via an incoming email, the email trigger doesn’t run.

Notifications work fine (ie the agent gets a “New ticket” created… I understand this is a different system than the triggers system though.

Under Settings → Groups → Users. Email: Is set to my helpdesk email address.
Under Settting → Google → Accounts
Inbound is green, Outbound is green.
Destination group is set “Users” under Inbound.

I have tried:
setting up IMAP via gmail so that there is an incoming email under Settings → EMail.
disabled gmail setup.
Same issue.

Interesting development.
I check production.log and couldn’t see any error’s there.
Here is some interesting facts though:
I have an email group forwarding to a mailbox.
When I email the group ( it doesn’t trigger the event.
When I email the mailbox ( that zammad is monitoring it does trigger the event.
I have zammad set to monitor the address and this is what is set in the zammad groups email setting.
I can’t set as the group (it’s just not listed).

I’m going to move the help group to become just an alias and test. Hopefully this fixes my issue.

Does seem like a type of bug though. Love to hear other peoples thoughts.

Sounds like a configuration issue.
Please provide:

  • your trigger configuration
  • ​double check your group configuration (hint: email address is not empty?)

If a trigger based email is sent, you’ll also see that in the ticket in question. That’s an additional indicator if everything configured attempts to work.

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