Trigger to multiple targets

I got this scenario, and I’d like to know if this is somehow possible. I’m stuck right now.

We got 10 agents. They also want to communicate only trough zammad via email.
So zammad catches via IMAP any shared mailbox and their personalized boxes as well.

If zammad collects an email from a personalized mailbox this happens:

  1. Target Group:
  2. Trigger: if target group = --> Owner:
  3. Only the agent himself can access his target group

This works very well.

Now if I create an email Ticket this way:
Title: test
customer: Shared Mailbox which is collected by zammad

Group: some public group
Status: open
Owner: Agent who creates

This way the ticket stays the way it was created.
The outlook mailbox of any agent gets an email with the desired content.

But the zammad doest trigger the personal_zammad_trigger (the one from above), even if I duplicate that one an tell him to look for “CC”.

The goal is, that every “CC” Agent has a copy of that mail in his personal Group.

What is my best strategy here?

I am sure that the affected mailbox only has the mail once. This is exactly where this issue starts.
Zammad does not duplicate the ticket for you - I mean Zammad in general doesn’t expect to be in the to twice or more often. If it is, it usually would need to ignore it.

If I’m wrong, maybe your logfile holds more usefull information if it e.g. ignored mails as duplicate or so.

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