Trigger to add note when ticket is reopened


I wish to set a trigger to leave a note on a ticket when it is reopened from the Closed state.
I.e. if the customer sends an email in, and the ticket is now Open again.

Ive tried these trigger conditions:
[Action] [Is] [Updated]
[State] [Is] [Open]

But this leaves a note every time an update comes in, if the ticket is open.

There isn’t a [Previous State] option, so I cant go Previous state was Close, now is Open, leave a note.

Any ideas how to get what I’m after?

Many thanks

  • Used Zammad version: 2.9.x

Hmm sorry, this doesn’t seem to be working out of the box at the moment…
As idea, you could workaround this with a tag.

By adding a Tag on:

  • Action is updated
  • state is closed
    Action -> Add tag “isclosed”

You can now (on reopening a ticket) check for this:

  • Action is updated
  • State is open
  • Tag contains one “isclosed”
    Action -> remove tag and do stuff

This should help

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