Trigger: Send mail to everyone who is subscribed to ticket

I have a lot of E-Mail triggers set up manually to fit my corporate design so that I don’t rely on the automated notifications that are generated in zammad itself.

Is there any way to use the new trigger functionality to send mails to all people who are subscribed to a ticket? Or to people who are getting a mention in an article within a ticket?

I see that there is an option of “subscribe” in the conditions, but that doesn’t really help for my use case.

In the E-Mail action I don’t see any possibility to do this

Is there something I’m missing or is the feature not available?
If it’s not available see this as a feature request as I think many people use the triggers to make the notifications compliant to their corporate design.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, thank you for bringing this up!
I would be interested in learning more about your specific use case for this feature. Wich problem can you solve with this?


As an addition: Why does the following setting not fit the use case?